Partizan at home and Brighton at home

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    Moral – I was thinking the same as that earlier. I can see us finishing above Arsenal (and Sheffield United!) and hopefully be relatively comfortable as the 5th team in the league. There’s something about Chelsea that makes me think they’ll have a wobble and won’t recover. Leicester look very good but City having a wobble as well. We’d need a hugely consistent second half of the season to reel one of those in.

    Who knows though, we could go shit again and finish 10th! Agree that Pogba replacing Pereira makes us look quite a strong team. (On paper)


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    @redblood, if you read what I said, Im saying we ought to be top 6. And in the “unlikely” event we secured 4th owing to a meltdown at Chelsea or Leicester, I dare say the Glazers would tighten the pursestrings again and we would fall further behind the top sides – we are short in defence, midfield and attack and wins over Brighton will never disguise that.

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    Happy, that depends hugely on which Paul Pogba decides to show up. He COULD give his absolute all and then no one would begrudge him moving to a team with more chances of winning trophies OR he could just sulk and be a disruptive influence.

    As for possession, 43% really says nothing and apart from a short spell leading up to Brighton’s goal we were much the better side – creating several chances that should have resulted in a goal. There aren’t too many reasons to be overly optimistic and plenty of faults to pick out – but having less of the ball is certainly not one of them. We were pretty dynamic going forward and with the lack of creativity in midfield, hitting the opposition with pace on the counter is by far our most potent weapon. Bournemouth countered that by defending deep but Brighton were more elaborate and got punished. Ask any team if they’d have 3 points or more of the possession and the answer is pretty obvious.

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    Updated table:

    Sympathy for the Devils…10 Points (12 Matches, 0.83 Average)
    Redblood …7 Points (11 Matches, 0.64 Average)
    Manthistle …6 Points (10 Matches, 0.6 Average)
    Mike2005 …6 Points (10 Matches, 0.6 Average)
    Libanski …6 Points (11 Matches, 0.55 Average)
    Alfie …6 Points (12 Matches, 0.5 Average)
    Homerjay …5 Points (11 Matches, 0.45 Average)
    MUFC…5 Points (12 Matches, 0.42 Average)
    Hatters…4 Points (7 Matches, 0.57 Average)
    Hookeddevil …4 Points (10 Matches, 0.4 Average)
    Killyboye …4 Points (11 Matches, 0.36 Average)
    Happyhurling …4 Points (12 Matches, 0.33 Average)
    CM…3 Points (1 Matches, 3 Average)
    Steveosnakeeye…3 Points (9 Matches, 0.33 Average)
    Hail Martial…3 Points (11 Matches, 0.27 Average)
    Moral…2 Points (6 Matches, 0.33 Average)
    Scholsey…2 Points (9 Matches, 0.22 Average)
    Tom Lily…2 Points (11 Matches, 0.18 Average)
    The Martial Art…1 Points (4 Matches, 0.25 Average)
    Ackb050…0 Points (1 Matches, 0 Average)
    English Bob…0 Points (3 Matches, 0 Average)
    TheLegend…0 Points (3 Matches, 0 Average)
    united_we_win …0 Points (2 Matches, 0 Average)

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    Weekly points. Good scores this week, everybody scored at least a point will a few picking up three. Let me know if I missed any:

    Ackb050..No prediction
    Alfie ..1
    CM..No prediction
    English Bob..No prediction
    Hail Martial..1
    Happyhurling ..1
    Homerjay ..3
    Hookeddevil ..No prediction
    Killyboye ..3
    Libanski ..1
    Manthistle ..1
    Mike2005 ..1
    Redblood ..1
    Steveosnakeeye..No prediction
    Sympathy for the Devils..1
    TheLegend..No prediction
    The Martial Art..No prediction
    Tom Lily..1
    united_we_win ..No prediction

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