Portsmouth decide not to get promoted? No way

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    OK Lavery has moved on, Jed is at Millwall, Hollands has been sidelined and Whatmough ain’t coming back any time soon.

    So let’s panic?

    Nope, for every player that falls off the perch thre is another, only in goal at moment it doesn’t seem we have this option. Dammit at the tractors Lavery couldn’t play but Close, Barton and co did more than OK.

    Mr Cook and lieutenant Liam seem pretty good at russelling up a team and turning them out to get the points.

    In fact it is a good thing that we are not still showboating when we go to Accy, every one of us needs to understand that we are only as good as your next game. Spud fans take notice.

    This is the time in season that top management in each division needs to play the player cards like Texas holdem. Over to you Mr Cook set sail into the auto promtion places.

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