Reduce/Cancel International Breaks

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    – Disband the unneccesary Nations League that no one cares about
    – Play qualifiers as a close season tournament the year prior to the competition
    – Play a few international friendlies per season during midweek when there is no other football
    – Ban Arsene Wenger from anything football related.

    Problem solved. There have also been calls to segregate footballing minnows like San Marino, Ireland and Gibraltar into their own qualifiying competitions. I don’t agree with this as I think everyone should have the same chance, even if it isn’t realistic.

    Also if this rule had been applied, we would never have seen the miracles of Latvia, Iceland and Scotland qualifying for recent tournaments.


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    I think its about time we come up with a new format for both the leagues and international football…

    UEFA, FIFA and the FA’s are all corrupt to the core…

    They are basic middlemen profiting of the clubs and players 🤷🏼‍♂️

    All they care about is their cut and the best solution in my honest opinion is to get rid, the clubs can easily navigate themselves for the most part, without the middle management that steers resources away from the clubs…

    I reckon the league would become more competitive without the established top 10 clubs who have a stranglehold on the tv rights, the same goes for every other league around the world who have all turned into a monopoly…

    The only three big surprises I can remember during my time is Leicester winning the league, Porto winning the champions league and Greece winming the euros… okay 4 surprises, the bloody danes won the Euros as well, without even qualifying

    Everything else has been bought in one way or the other except international football which is why i love it, thats where team chemistry comes in the most and the biggest emotions happen as well…

    I completely agree about the nations league, its a pathetic attempt to squeeze more games out of the players…

    All those friendlies should be dropped and made into a fixture that actually counts towards something… besides a Mickey mouse cup and a better fifa coefficient

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