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    I think yesterday may have been the least I have actually cared about a result. I wasn’t surprised by it. I wasn’t overly angry about it. I think I’m just worn out by the club now. It was a result I expected to be honest. Sure a lot of us did.

    Questions need to be asked about the team selection. Chambers gets moved about week after week. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he is good enough in either role but you cannot expect him to improve or have kind of consistency if he plays a different role every game.
    Alex Iwobi is another who isn’t good enough. However, he had his best game in forever recently, playing in the number 10 role. So Wenger then moved him to the wide right role to accommodate a player making his league debut! Welbeck hits something of a purple patch and he leaves him out so he can start our record signing on the wing!

    Where was Mesut Ozil? How many games up north is he going to miss? what was it this week? To be fair, he would likely have been garbage again anyway so who cares.

    I can’t even be bothered to look at individual performances. Same people turning in pathetic performances week after week. Nothing changes. No one is held accountable.
    Where do these players get off not even applauding the travelling fans? 300 miles and maybe 2 players headed down to clap the fans. How dare they?! Absolute shambles of a team and a Manager. Why isn’t he out there dragging the players to the away end? Because he doesn’t care one bit for the fans. He doesn’t care what we think or want. He also doesn’t want his players getting in a situation where they might receive stick from the fans. He continues to defend them at all costs because that is how he retains their loyalty.

    I for one hope that people continue to stay away from the home games and come the last game, I hope the fans are up and out of the stadium before the players do their lap of the ground. This club needs to be ripped apart and started again.

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