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    Got my predictions for our and City’s matches up to new year. Would be interesting to get a maximum number of contributions and then we can check whether we are near or very far from the truth in roughly forty days.

    Liverpool – Fulham
    Watford – Liverpool
    Liverpool – Everton
    Burnley – Liverpool
    Bournemouth – Liverpool
    Liverpool – Manchester Utd
    Wolves – Liverpool
    Liverpool – Newcastle Utd
    Liverpool – Arsenal
    Man City – Liverpool

    1W-2W-3W-4W-5W-6D-7W-8W-9D-10D = 24 points

    Manchester City – Manchester Utd
    West Ham Utd – Manchester City
    Manchester City – Bournemouth
    Watford – Manchester City
    Chelsea – Manchester City
    Manchester City – Everton
    Manchester City – Crystal Palace
    Leicester City – Manchester City
    Southampton – Manchester City
    Manchester City – Liverpool

    1D-2W-3W-4W-5L-6W-7W-8W-9W-10D = 24 points


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    City would only be gaining 23 points from those results.


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    Somebody told me that City have more points now than they did at this time last year.
    We have our best ever points total of the Prem era at this stage of the season.
    Most other seasons we’d be clear at the top.
    This time last season City were cantering into the sunset at this stage but now they have both us and Chelsea right on their tail applying pressure. Pressure they didn’t have to deal with last year.
    Let’s see how things develop.
    I wanna see us strengthen in Jan though to keep this pressure up.


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    Capt: I think City will be ahead of us by about 6-8 points by that. Unless our performances vastly improve, I really can’t see us being unbeaten for the next 9 games considering that we’ve drawn 3 and lost 3 of our last 9.

    I hope you’re right, just can’t see it!

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    Capt, A great thread but a really tough one to try and predict. Which Liverpool will we see? I think that our most recent games could either signal that the wheels are coming off, or they will be something that we will see a response from. I’m very tempted to wait until after tomorrow before responding but since you put your predictions down now, it’s only fair that I do the same.

    LFC : 1W-2W-3W-4W-5D-6W-7W-8W-9W-10L

    MCFC : 1D-2W-3W-4W-5L-6W-7W-8W-9W-10W

    I know I haven’t done well to pick out where an extra draw or 2 might come but … Looking at the games individually, we should be getting wins in almost all of them. As for predicting that Man City will beat us, this could be a huge game if we can rack up the wins here.


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    You’re right Kopite.

    Bofa – Seems too optimistic maybe, but I think we won’t be much far behind that tally.

    Let’s hope we get the first round right Mak.


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    Looks like we won’t be far off the mark Mak. Can’t take any credit really for predicting matches but sure shows that I was not fazed by the “we are not playing well and will be found out soon” mantra.

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    I was fazed by it but still predicted wins anyway. Besides, it was that we weren’t playing as well offensively, as we should.

    We have found another gear today though and nothing pleases me more, going into the Napoli game.

    Anyway, COME ON CHELSEA!

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