The Corona Virus.

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    Laughing Lenny
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    I don’t know if this is true and it wasn’t on the news this evening, but I heard someone today saying that John Travolta has been diagnosed with corona virus and was rushed into hospital in Los Angeles this morning.

    Luckily though, he’s only got a mild dose of Saturday Night Fever!


    nine nine nine
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    Sort yourself out mufc


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    Idk if this is a dumb question, but has the UK government actually done anything? I mean this seriously, I’m struggling to think.

    Like, beyond giving “advice” and “warnings”, have they actually implemented any measures in response to the crisis?


    Laughing Lenny
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    The real problem is this: whoever the people vote for, the government always gets back in!
    This latest shower of dim-shits are falling well short and they are currently demonstrating their ineptness to the point of complete pathetic hopelessness.
    God help us!


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    nine nine nine
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    “Chelsea Football Club is joining the medical response to the coronavirus outbreak in London with the news the National Health Service (NHS) has accepted the Club’s offer to make the Millennium Hotel at Stamford Bridge available for NHS staff.
    The initiative came from club owner Roman Abramovich and, after contact with the NHS was made by Chairman Bruce Buck, it was decided the best way Chelsea can assist the NHS is to provide accommodation for NHS staff. Mr Abramovich will be covering the costs of providing the accommodation.

    Many of the medical staff will be working long shifts and may not be able to travel home or would otherwise have to make long commutes. Local accommodation helps maintain the health and well-being of these crucial personnel at this critical time.

    This will be for a two-month period, and then reconsidered in light of circumstances at the time. NHS staff will be those working in hospitals in the North-West London region, but that may extend to hospitals in other districts.

    The number of rooms utilised will depend on demand but potentially all the rooms in the Millennium Hotel could be given over for this purpose. No staff showing symptoms will use the hotel.

    Millennium Hotels and Resorts, who manage the hotel, are supportive and assisting the club in providing this service to the NHS.”

    Nice touch by Roman.


    Laughing Lenny
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    I’m surprised. Even though football is currently in limbo and as dead as a dodo there’s obviously not that much interest in this current deadly Corona situation either, so I’ll be brief.

    After tonight’s TV performance, it’s strikingly obvious that Boris Johnson is falling well short. He’s so far behind the forward thinking countries like Denmark it’s embarrassing! He seems happy watching what they do and then, after two or three weeks later after either confusion or utter indifference, go out and play catch-up!

    It’s become painfully obvious to me that Boris has not got the slightest clue about the wider implications of this pandemic. If a complex question is raised by the press, he just mumbles, fumbles and rambles the question before deflecting it to one of his cronies. It’s not surprising, Boris’s agenda is formulated by un-elected oddballs who know next to who knows what.

    Boris is a silver-spooned clown with life-long delusions of grandeur and hopes any unwanted disastrous difficult situation can be easily smoothed over, abated or soon disappear so him and his cronies can continue creaming off our broken system and all will be alright jack.

    One could be excused of calling it criminal. The future is murder!
    Stay healthy,


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    The US response is crazy. The healthcare providers are woefully inequipped for this… so a shitload of government spending is going to go towards bailing out the airline industry and the cruise industry.

    Why bail the fucking cruise industry out? Let that stupid industry fucking die. Why are these companies more important than the number of people who are likely to get sick?


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    220 deaths now in the UK.

    Holy shit.


    Laughing Lenny
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    Coronavirus global cases league table as of 21 March 2020.
    (This BBC information is regularly updated but may not reflect the latest totals for each country)….

    China 81,457 3,261
    Italy 53,578 4,825
    Spain 25,374 1,375
    USA 22,135 278
    Germany 21,828 75
    Iran 20,610 1,556
    France 12,463 450
    South Korea 8,799 102
    Switzerland 6,284 72
    UK 4,145 178
    Netherlands 3,632 136
    Belgium 2,815 67
    Austria 2,814 8
    Norway 2,118 7
    Sweden 1,763 20
    Denmark 1,326 13
    Portugal 1,280 12
    Malaysia 1,183 4
    Canada 1,137 13
    Australia 1,071 7
    Japan 1,054 36
    Brazil 1,021 15
    Czech Republic 925
    Israel 883 1
    Diamond Princess 712 8
    Ireland 683 3
    Turkey 670 9
    Luxembourg 670 8
    Pakistan 666 3
    Chile 537
    Greece 530 13
    Finland 521 1
    Iceland 473 1
    Qatar 470
    Poland 452 5
    Indonesia 450 38
    Singapore 432 2
    Ecuador 426 7
    Thailand 411 1
    Saudi Arabia 392
    Slovenia 383 1
    Romania 367
    India 330 4
    Philippines 307 19
    Russia 306 1
    Estonia 306
    Bahrain 305 1
    Egypt 285 8
    Peru 263 4
    South Africa 240
    Iraq 214 17
    Croatia 206 1
    Mexico 203 2
    Panama 200 1
    Colombia 196
    Lebanon 187 4
    Kuwait 176
    Bulgaria 163 3
    Armenia 160
    Argentina 158 4
    Taiwan 153 2
    United Arab Emirates 153 2
    Serbia 149 1
    San Marino 144 20
    Slovakia 144 1
    Algeria 139 15
    Latvia 124
    Costa Rica 113 2
    Dominican Republic 112 2
    Uruguay 110
    Hungary 103 4
    Vietnam 94
    Bosnia & Herzegovina 93 1
    Faroe Islands 92
    Andorra 88
    Morocco 86 3
    Jordan 85
    North Macedonia 85
    Cyprus 84
    Lithuania 83 1
    Brunei 83
    Moldova 80 1
    Sri Lanka 77
    Albania 76 2
    Malta 73
    Belarus 69
    Venezuela 65
    Burkina Faso 64 2
    Tunisia 60 1
    Kazakhstan 53
    Guadeloupe 53
    Cambodia 53
    Oman 52
    New Zealand 52
    West Bank 52
    Trinidad and Tobago 49
    Georgia 49
    Senegal 47
    Réunion 45
    Azerbaijan 44 1
    Ukraine 41 3
    Liechtenstein 37
    Uzbekistan 37
    Martinique 32 1
    Cameroon 27
    Bangladesh 25 2
    Honduras 24
    Afghanistan 24
    DR Congo 23 1
    Nigeria 22
    Cuba 21 1
    Puerto Rico 21
    Ghana 19
    Bolivia 19
    Paraguay 18 1
    Rwanda 17
    Jamaica 16 1
    Togo 16
    Jersey 15
    Guam 15
    French Polynesia 15
    French Guiana 15
    Montenegro 14
    Ivory Coast 14
    Mauritius 14 1
    Kyrgyzstan 14
    Maldives 13
    Guatemala 13 1
    Monaco 11
    Gibraltar 10
    Mongolia 10
    Ethiopia 9
    Mayotte 7
    Seychelles 7
    Guyana 7 1
    Kenya 7
    Tanzania 6
    Virgin Islands 6
    Equatorial Guinea 6
    Barbados 6
    Aruba 5
    Gabon 4 1
    Bahamas 4
    Suriname 4
    Saint Martin 4
    Curaçao 3 1
    El Salvador 3
    Madagascar 3
    Namibia 3
    Cayman Islands 3 1
    Liberia 3
    Cape Verde 3
    Congo 3
    Central African Rep. 3
    Saint Bartholomew 3
    Zimbabwe 3
    Guernsey 2
    Zambia 2
    Saint Lucia 2
    Mauritania 2
    Kosovo 2
    Sudan 2 1
    Haiti 2
    Bhutan 2
    Bermuda 2
    Greenland 2
    Nicaragua 2
    Benin 2
    Angola 2
    Guinea 2
    Papua New Guinea 1
    Gambia 1
    Eswatini 1
    Somalia 1
    Nepal 1
    Isle of Man 1
    Vatican 1
    St Vincent 1
    Niger 1
    Timor-Leste 1
    Fiji 1
    Antigua and Barbuda 1
    Djibouti 1
    Montserrat 1
    Chad 1

    Self isolation sure makes sense. Stay safe.


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    So, Sean Riggott, Portsmouth defender, was sat in a pub on Friday night. He finds out he has coronavirus while at the pub. With several other people. Several friends no doubt.

    The same day earlier in the day pubs were asked to shut and several days before people were told to socially distance themselves. 

    I despair. People just won’t get the idea to stop fucking going out for fun until this place gets locked down with only keeping supermarkets/hospitals open. You just cannot trust people. God knows how many people he’s passed it on to. 

    Gotta remind people (well, shouldn’t have to) – at this stage people need to act like they have the virus, not act like they don’t have it and take their chances in avoiding it.

    It really angers me people can’t see the fucking diseased elephant in the room and not use some fucking common sense. For the good of society and the world and not themselves for once.


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    So it’s being reported that a Chinese shipment of masks and respirators has apparently been confiscated by Poland and the Czech Republic. Two independent transports were stopped and seized at the respective borders. Reportedly 680,000 masks and thousands of respirators.


    Laughing Lenny
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    That Cornova list I posted yesterday has doubled up today. Meanwhile most young people in this country don’t appear to give a shit one way or the other. It’s says a lot about them, their parents and this country as a whole.

    Apparently, women worst for wear in Blackpool were still seen inebriated and pissing in the streets last night!

    Meanwhile people are dying, and make no mistake, there will be many more deaths!

    Blabbering Boris needs to stop fucking about and get his act together now. He must follow what all the forward thinking countries are doing regardless of his ingrained selfish Tory instincts. Unfortunately though, whether he will or not is of course another thing entirely.

    In the meantime, my advice is lock up your daughters. This pandemic isn’t going away any time soon. Far from it!


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    I’ve seen some very fucking scary videos from Asia, coppers brutally beating up people for god knows what reason, people vanishing during the lockdown… Its some 1984 shit going around!

    I’m pretty sure most of us will wake up in a very fascist world in about a month or so.


    Laughing Lenny
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    Bingo, to put things into perspective, it’s estimated that there are over four and a half billion people living in Asia. That’s well over half the population of the planet. It stands to reason that there are lots going on, both good, bad and of course, the very ugly. That’s life mate.

    At the end of the day, the human race is just another animal species that have to fight for survival any way they know how. Nothing more, nothing less.

    All the rest is candy-floss.


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    To put things into perspective the world is doing the exact same as we did last time when there was a threat, we close down our borders like cowards and flock like sheep to people like Boris and Trump for guidance. It’s pretty pathetic if you ask me, especially as when this virus hits Africa we could be faced with the biggest immigration wave the world has ever seen. This is way bigger than 9/11 and the world is going to be a lot worse after this runs its course.

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    Bingo – are you seriously suggesting we should have open borders at this time?


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    Mike Ashley living up to his reputation as a complete tit.


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    for what comes afterwards yes but its not like I get a choice in that, the world is going on a lockdown, you rights are being taken away and you are being stuffed with the bill for all those failed businesses… We are talking about 40-50 trillion dollars in the past two weeks, its coming out of your wallet.

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