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    To be honest, I am roughly where I thought we would be with transfer dealings. Striker with proven premier league experience, central defender with the Jury out and a prospect for the future and to support current visibility business needs in China with Zhang. I think Hegazi could end up being a bargain given his performances in the ACN and from what I have read. I also think August will see a significant amount of dealing when the big domino’s start to fall and more players become available. At this stage I am not too perturbed but if we have not signed a left back and creative mid fielder by this stage in August then that may change. We only need TP to allow them all to play attacking football rather than defensive and all will be will. It’s interesting that Huddersfield have completely gone for broke and signed 10 players, all below £12 million, and in this market that’s a gamble. I have been impressed with Everton’s business this year, spent wisely on quality and they will challenge for the top 4 next year. Anyway, we are in for an interesting month. COYB.

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