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    I am not ceratin why Klopp and the players went to spain but I am convinced that klopp continues making terrible mistakes. I can justify him in January but in February at all!!

    1) Lucas has been the most useless Brazilian player in the planet earth. He has spent 10 years in Anfield providing nothing at all!! However Klopp used him as CB and everybody saw yesterday the catastrophic results.

    2) Matip has been ver poor in the last months probably due to his injury and his inegibiltiy to play in Jan.

    3) Gomez returned from injury 3 months ago and he does not trust him at all. If he does not play against PL teams how will he get experience Mr. Klopp???

    4) He bought Klavan as CB and he uses Lucas. What was the point of bringing him at Anfeild since he does not trust him???

    5) Can and Winajdulm can not play together!! They can ont mark, run ,score. They are just walking in the pitch…

    6) Can is completely useless and since Hendo could not play then Milner should have palyed in the midfield…Can was DEFIANTLY blase. No passion, no desire!! A lazy player..

    7) He kept Moreno for which reason?? He could have used him sometimes letting Milner to play in the midfield.

    Besides Lallana and Firmino has been out of form since the beginning of 2017, Mane was absent in Africa cup, Coutinhio was injured for at least 6 weeks, Origi at the bench and Sturridge one in twice out…

    We have many injuries and esp what happens with Sturridge has been ridiculous….

    Klopp did not bring any player in Jan when Smpton spent 15?? mil for Gabiadini… Why did not he do it???

    I wish klopp not to be another Rafa because he seems very stubborn.

    In summer we need money for transfers and one of the 2 gks along with 2 cbs, moreno, can, sturridge and LUCAS OUT asap!!! Milner must return to his physical position…

    I wish we finish in top 6 to play at Europe next season.

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    Well I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know that the start to my week has been ruined. Two days ago, Manchester united surpass or record as the most successful team in England with Zlatan scoring the winner for a team managed by mourinio. Then we get humbled by Leicester yesterday and then I wake up today to see Jamie carragher in an Everton shirt. I’m not sure I want to see what tomorrow brings lol. I feel that I need a vacation to malaga after all this lol.


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    1) Lucas has mainly been played out of position this season but it’s easy to make him a scapegoat.

    2) Agreed

    3). Gomez returned from a year out and possibly hasn’t fully match fit. Klopp has plenty of faith in him.

    4) Agreed

    5) Agreed

    6) Can isn’t a poor player. You don’t play for Germany by being useless. Was a good player for us last season and refer to your point 5.

    7) Agreed. Could have gone back to the formation of last season in Mane’s absence.

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    If we’d won this game everyone would say ‘the training camp was great’ if we’d lost, well you can see everyone has decided it was a load of garbage.

    The reality is it was only what 10 days or something? It’s not going to make much difference one way or another.

    10 days of training is really ‘f-all’ in the grand scheme of things. It’s not enough time to plan out any significant training program – which will typically consist of various phases etc. They were probably more going out there for team bonding, to get away from the cold weather, and like you say maybe a bit of sightseeing and vacation and to recharge the batteries.

    Hopefully that result will be a reality check and spur Klopp and the sqaud to get their arses in gear for what is, on paper, a favourable run-in. But we need to do our job, none of those points will be gifted to us. Training camp, or no training camp.


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    we are on the same wavelength there JC but I´ll add that there is no rhythm to our fixture list, it has been horrible lately.

    Mourinho got some credit for lashing out this month but Klopp was right in voicing his concerns in December about our fixture list. It has been hastily scheduled for prime TV and dismantled now for lack of games.

    Its bearable until the start of January, we even succeeded expectations before that but then we get a game on the 2nd of January after we played City on the 31st and things fall apart.

    We had that game against the Mackems by the neck after the first half, then we imploded in the second half and conceded two goals.
    If that match had been scheduled on the 3rd I bet we would have finished that game and the momentum would have carried us to slug it out with Chelsea.
    Instead a 2-2 draw, followed up with a 0-0 against Plymouth, which gets them another game at home which we barely get through. Before that fixture we got So´ton and United both away. Then Swansea at home who have just fired their manager and my own boy-wonder Gylfi Sigurðsson slots it home for them.
    Wolves to recover with a seriously depleted squad and despair continues, then the lads up themselves for the game against Chelsea. Find themselves one under after a wonder goal from Luiz and come back for the draw.
    Next up is Hull who have also just sacked their manager, we still have not recovered from that grueling schedule in January, where no reinforcements were made available.

    If anything the squad is more depleted after January with Sakho gone on loan for the remainder of the season.

    Finally the squad gets a whole week between matches and voila a victory against Spurs, we were desperate for that I´ll admit but we got the 3 points.

    Sorry lads we are going to have 16 days off and Leicester are going to sack Ranieri to make this one of the biggest spectacle of the year and steamroll the way for the foxes to make something out of their season while we whimper out of the top 4.

    I don´t know about you but I am going back to basics, look at the fixture list and try to find a rhythm in our upcoming matches, I doubt I will find one.

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    Looks like going to Spain is a yearly thing then lol

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