Costa on target at the Bridge in Chelsea win over Norwich

Date published: Saturday 21st November 2015 5:18

Diego Costa: Broke the deadlock

Diego Costa: Broke the deadlock

Diego Costa returned to the score sheet and Jose Mourinho was back in the dugout as Chelsea claimed a much-needed 1-0 win over Norwich.

Costa ended a six-match barren spell, prompting chants of “we are staying up” and “Jose Mourinho”, as the Barclays Premier League champions secured a fourth win in their 13th Barclays Premier League game of the season to edge away from the foot of the table.

Three years to the day since Rafael Benitez was installed as interim successor to Champions League-winning boss Roberto di Matteo, Mourinho was desperate to end a run of three straight league losses in front of the watching Roman Abramovich.

Mourinho, banned from the stadium for the defeat at Stoke, was the subject of the first managerial vote of confidence in Abramovich’s 12-year ownership on October 5.

The caveat of the board’s support was that results had to improve and Chelsea have now won three times in eight games since. Here, Costa converted Cesc Fabregas’ quick free-kick for just his fourth goal of the season and first since last month’s defeat of Aston Villa.

Costa had earlier been conspicuous by his absence when Eden Hazard – some of his effervescence restored – twice crossed well, while he wasted two other chances, reminiscent of Fernando Torres.

He blasted over Pedro’s cutback and then was denied by John Ruddy two minutes before the break.

Kurt Zouma also hit the bar after Chelsea had gone 1-0 up.

Norwich had opportunities, with John Terry blocking a Sebastien Bassong effort and Asmir Begovic saving well from Robbie Brady.

And, as with many Chelsea matches this season, there were penalty controversies.

Costa and Bassong grappled at one point and Willian went down under a Jonny Howson challenge before escaping a foul for bundling over Brady at the other end.

Mourinho selected 19-year-old Brazilian teenager Kenedy at left-back and restored Fabregas to his starting line-up.

The Blues’ attacking build-up play was improved, but they were defensively suspect and Nathan Redmond was denied by Begovic after Terry’s poor headed clearance.

Fabregas had fired a Hazard cutback over by then and Willian was denied by Ruddy before Costa’s first gilt-edged chance.

Referee Craig Pawson rejected three penalty appeals – two from Chelsea, one from Norwich – in the first half, with replays justifying the decisions.

The match could have swung either way in the space of 60 seconds prior to half-time.

Terry blocked a Bassong shot as Chelsea scrambled clear a corner, with Kenedy crossing and Costa’s effort deflecting wide off Ruddy’s right leg on the counter.

Hazard was growing in confidence as Chelsea pressed in the second half, but few of his team-mates were on his wavelength and Costa appeared on a different frequency altogether.

Another Hazard cross evaded everyone, with Costa absent.

He was present when it mattered, though, bringing down Fabregas’ free-kick before cutting inside Ryan Bennett and shooting inside the far post.

Zouma directed a Willian free-kick on to the bar soon afterwards and Nemanja Matic waltzed through only to be denied by Ruddy.

Norwich had chances, too, with Brady’s shot saved by Begovic, but Chelsea held on to ease the pressure on Mourinho, who punched the air in relief when he heard the final whistle.

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    Simon Wilkes

    Diego Costa returned to the score sheet and Jose Mourinho was back in the dugout as Chelsea claimed a much-needed 1-0 win over Norwich. Costa ended a
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    nine nine nine

    At last 3 points just!



    A big improvement today! Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, poor opposition and still no goals from open play. But at least for once, lets focus on the positives! Hazard was fantastic today, Matic much improved so too was Fabregas who I thought played with a real hunger. Great to see Costa on the scoresheet, though still not spending enough time in the box. I liked his muted goal celebration, I saw it as a kind of admission that he has been well below par.

    Hopefully we can take confidence from this game and go and batter the spuds next weekend!


    Happy not only with 3 points, but also on how Chelsea played. Players looked very committed, unlike during the beginning of this season. Hazard starts to show what he can do, I believe he should be Man of the Match. Fabregas looks sharp and Matic becomes monster again. The only one not sharp yet was Costa, but he scored when needed. I hope Chelsea can keep winning (1-0 would be enough for me!), we’ll see where we’ll be in January.



    Good to hear, that we played well, bring on tottenham, that wil be a real test.
    just posted missed the game today as my android box went on the blink, so has to be MoTD, who cos we won seem to be putting us on last this week.



    Difficult to understand how anyone could be happy with this win, Norwich are poor and we played at home, I did not see any improvement except for Hazard, Ivanovich had another terrible game.



    Can only go by MoTD, but agree if we are to believe beating Norwich is a benchmark, then gord help us.
    Same things seem apparent to me, yes we had more chances, now if your striker is out of form then play the others, oops sorry, we brought in another has been crock.

    Not enough bodies in and around the box when are on the offensive.
    I think it’s so hard for Costa, he has so little support when the ball goes up to him, he’s often isolated and does most of his work running the width f the pitch closing down defenders, he’s knackered, a role Mourinho knows he can’t use Remy in.

    So as I have read much we are supposed to have been pleased with our performance last 6/7 games, but for Bad luck and decisions not going our way, ok, but who gets straight back into the starting 11 oh yes the RB who is not a RB, and who’s form was so poor prior to his injury it was embarrassing, no room for Dave then?, but then again we need the wonderful tactic of our keeper launching it to our RH side for it to be headed onto, er, know one.

    We had a LB who is an attacking left side player, so can presume another LB we have purchased is going to be oh his way.
    Don’t get me wrong pleased we got the three points, and yes it may well be the catalyst, but i see no style to change in style system or players, and it will be a long hard season ahead.

    Did anyone see Leicester batter Newcastle, my BIL has been a couple of times to see them, play some great free flowing football, oh Claudio hats off to you mate top of the PL, and all the pundits had you top of the list in the sack race, it’s a funny old game.



    B/P, I though playing Kennedy at left back was a great move. He got forward a lot and added to the build up of attacks. To be fair Norwich offered little down that side and I doubt he would have played there if we were against a top team. I think it was a good case of choosing the players to fit the opposition. Like I said earlier, it wasn’t a perfect performance, but to be honest I think you are just looking for negatives for the sake of it.


    Good win and morale boosting one, and what is more pleasing is the clean, plus the Costa strike. next an away game in the CL.


    nine nine nine

    Spot on C- man its just one small step for us but from where we currently are its a step at a time for Chelsea right now with our next game away to Maccabi in the CL.

    Obviously following that Spurs away at WHL will be a much bigger test. Cheers buddie 999



    Blueowner @ 05;28…I really think we need to be thankful for small mercies at the mo tbh,last few games we’ve played decent without getting the breaks which couldn’t have been good for our confidents.Don’t like us hovering that end of the table and we need all the luck we can get to inch us steadily back up the table.It’s all about survival and doing what’s necessary…we shouldn’t be too proud to picking peas out of s–t if it staves off starvation and gives us the necessary nutrition and energy to get us to the next watering hole.No good reminiscing about the good times of the past and that we’re far too good to be in this position,we need to wake up and smell the coffee that for whatever reason we’re in this unenviable position and we have to resort to all sorts of means to get out of it.We just can’t afford to be too particular or choosey right now imo


    i don’t know how a Chelsea fan could be so negative after a much needed win yesterday. its one small step in the right direction for us at the moment. we need to take every game as it comes. if we win 10-0 or 1-0 at the end of the day what is to be achieved is 3 points. kudos to the team and the manager for returning smile in to our faces. we should be thanking them. pleased that Costa got the goal,God knows how much he was condemned from all sides in this world. now he has had the last laugh. maintaining his cool is key to his game. if he focuses on the task at hand he is second to none. Hazard was another player who was criticized on all fronts.although i still fear for Ivan, i trust the manager. Matic was also another player who was nearly hanged to death if you read the media prior yesterday. he was excellent. Fabregas made a lot of forward passes yesterday than any other player. we should be encouraging him to do that. no to mention JT who was hero at the back together with Zouma. next will be away to Israel. that game is as important as away to Spurs next weekend . its the game that will almost guarantee us qualification should results go in our favour. i see some improvement, but let us take one game at a time.



    When I read the offerings on this page I have to pinch myself to remember that this is not a recently promoted club trying to establish a foothold in the PL……..this is CHELSEA, the present Premier League champions!! Something has gone horribly wrong and until what that was (or is) is unearthed and expunged we will continue to eke out results such as we did yesterday. With a CL match in mid-week I think it wise not to comment too much on team selection yesterday but we seem to have a predeliction to play players out of position whilst a former Chelsea left-back is now regarded as probably the league’s best player in this position playing for another club. Yes, of course this can happen and has done so in the past but…………….. Also, despite having the lion’s share of the play we still created little and once again the goal came from a set-piece. Costa is said to be out of form but that is only the half of it: as I said in another post recently, he runs here and there simply looking for ball! He spends as much time on a flank as in the danger areas and has basically given up. Would you run for 90 fruitless minutes for that one chance in the box that never comes? Yesterday was encouraging in that, at long last, we seemed to be “attacking” higher up the pitch but provided little off of which a striker might feed. But it’s a start! This is damning with faint praise for a club which, only 6 months ago, were being feted as champions.


    nine nine nine

    Funny how we all see things so differently.

    As a comparison Tony Gale who co commented on the match for Sky yesterday suggested Chelsea were irresistible going forward and back to the sort of attacking play that helped them win the PL title last season.

    Personally I saw a number of positives we created opportunities for 21 shots albeit that only 7 of them were on target, Zouma hit the bar and Ruddy was probably Norwich’s mom.

    Both Fabregas and Matic played much better Ivanovich was decent if rarely put under too much pressure and Hazard was imo back to his brilliant best which has seemingly been coming for a while but it might have had something to do with playing him in the No 10 role too.

    Costa tried hard scored a decent goal but still looks a shadow of the player he did in the first half of last season part of that I suspect is confidence and hopefully the goal will help him towards that.

    Norwich were well set up tactically by Neil were difficult to break down often with 10 men behind the ball and carried a threat on the ball but without wishing to be disparaging to Norwich, Chelsea will face much bigger tests in the weeks ahead starting next week at Spurs but imo this was a small step in the right direction with the biggest bonus being not just the 3 points but Hazard’s return to form and if he maintains that and Costa finds a bit of confidence and begins to start scoring more regularly again we should start heading towards the other end of the table.



    How is it I am looking for negatives, yes unlike others on this forum I won’t get carried away with beating Norwich at home 1.0
    For me TBH, I am getting a bit peeved that anyone who at doesn’t buy into this ” we are going to be alright chaps cos Jose says so” gets slapped down as negative or confrontational.

    Read my other posts, I have stated three points is welcome, but tougher tests lie ahead, starting with Spurs away next Sunday ( no not including Macabi in that) lets see how that goes before we prematurely pat each on the back.

    Spurs BTW are absolutely murdering West Ham in football terms, another team we lost to, so please refrain from the negativety remarks for another day until we actually put some form of a run together which means beating teams that are not in the relagation battle.


    Blue Pylon, Given the form Kane has eased into, and the way he murdered us last season, absolutely right, lets not get ahead of ourselves. In chelsea’s defence though, we like playing the bigger sides, easier to motivate against and we’ve got an alright record against Spurs. Lets hope last season was blip.



    To be so naive to say that was a good performance speaks volumes for our desparation, yes you can build on a win even though its against one of the weakest teams in the league but lets not kid ourselves a lot of hard work lays ahead. Chelseaman the last laugh will only be had if we qualify for the CL, if we don’t Mourinho want be here next season



    Not sure if your comments are somewhat confusing, so are you now referring to spurs as being a bigger club than Chelsea, and that we will raise our game next Sunday,mind boggling.

    A blip, it was a one off game that 5.3 that could of easily gone our way, in fact pretty sure we had the most possession and more shots on target, the only person that score line spooked was Mourinho, because after that game (Swansea apart) it was back to dull and defensive football., albeit last season it got us the PL, however this season teams are no longer set up that allows that style of play, hence we have struggled.



    Overall improved team performance. I was happy with all the players attitude and commitment. Good to have Ivanovic back at right back, he gave us so much more on the offense from the right flank last year. We need our strikers to score more goals, that is our number one problem this season. Score line could easily have been at least three on the board. We wasted too many opportunities



    Given our current status as relegation candidates, this result could be significant as we have beaten one of the teams around us.

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