Januzaj returns to Manchester United after loan disaster

Date published: Thursday 7th January 2016 12:27

Adnan Januzaj: Back with Man Utd

Adnan Januzaj: Back with Man Utd

Adnan Januzaj’s loan deal with Borussia Dortmund has been cancelled, Manchester United has confirmed.

United sent Januzaj on a season-long loan to Dortmund in August to gain experience, but the 20-year-old has barely played for the German club.

The Belgium forward has started just three matches – all in the Europa League – and his only playing time in the Bundesliga came off the bench.

There was no release clause inserted into Januzaj’s loan contract when it was signed, but both clubs have agreed that it is in their best interests to terminate the deal.

The relevant paperwork was exchanged on Thursday and the loan agreement was annulled.

A United statement read: “Borussia Dortmund has agreed to cancel the loan agreement for Adnan Januzaj. Adnan will rejoin the first-team squad immediately.

“He has returned to Manchester in order to clarify the details.”

Januzaj is understood to have stayed in Manchester over the Christmas period and was in the directors’ box for United’s home game against Chelsea on December 28.

United have until 5pm on Friday to register him for Saturday’s FA Cup third-round tie against Sheffield United, although Louis van Gaal may decide to ease the forward back into the first team set-up after a couple of games for the under-21 side instead.

Januzaj has not played since Dortmund’s 1-0 defeat to PAOK Salonika on December 10.

United will not be able to loan the Belgian out again as he has already played for the Red Devils this year and FIFA rules state players are not allowed to play for more than two clubs per season.

Van Gaal had warned Januzaj last year he was taking a risk by joining Dortmund, rather than a lower-profile club where he would have been guaranteed to play more.

”In a club like Borussia Dortmund, all the players there are also of a certain level and I said in advance ‘that’s a big risk for you because you have to compete with other players of a higher level’ and that is not so easy,” the United manager said in November.

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    Matthew Briggs

    Adnan Januzaj’s loan deal with Borussia Dortmund has been cancelled, Manchester United has confirmed.

    [See the full post at: Januzaj returns to Manchester United after loan disaster]



    One of the few things that David Moyes did right, infact probably the only thing, was putting Januzaj on the pitch and letting him do whatever he wanted. He showed promise in the free role, taking men on and hitting shots on goal. Since then, he’s played in rigid, disciplined systems, where nobody has any more or less freedom than anyone else. Tricky wingers and fluid attacking players have the same job as everyone else under LvG. Move the ball and play the simple option first. He looked a quarter of the player he did in 13/14. Then he was sent on loan to a team who probably have better attacking options than we do, to get game time. How was that going to happen? Allegedly it was his choice and LvG told him to stay in the PL. I’m not sure why he was allowed to make that choice, but it’s held him back a further few months.

    Glad he’s back because we are short on wingers and attacking players. There’s a lot of talent to work with there, but he needs guiding. He needs to be allowed to lose the ball and make mistakes. He’s not going to improve by playing short passes. His game is making things happen himself. Hopefully LvG has learned from the Martial situation. Look what he;s doing, running at defenders and causing havoc. Januzaj should be given the same freedom on the other side. Hopefully he can live up to the expectation he laid out for himself 2 years ago.

    What a waste of 4 months for him.



    He’ll never be a winger while I’ve a hole in my arse mate. And “he needs to be allowed to lose the ball and make mistakes”? We’ve already got Memphis for that. The guys bang average and, under Moyes, looked good in an awful team.



    another disaster for united in 2016 for bring him back …



    Adnan just like shaw depay wilson perirra martial have massive talent and potential. None of them are even close to the finish article. Everyone bangs on having a ex united coach tradition to stay in the club well giving these youngsters a chance playing with the first team is what United is about. The only problem is results are not there and that’s down to lvg and the senior players.



    @ackb050. You are spot on mate. I can see many have already written Januzaj off because he is inconsistent (a trait shared by all young players including Martial).

    I think a lot of fans have forgotten what it takes to develop a young player. They need confidence, freedom, gametime, and they need senior players to do their damn jobs so the pressure doesn’t fall onto their shoulders (Rooney, Mata etc.).

    Memphis, Pereira, Martial, and Januzaj (notice they are all flair players) have been failed on all these fronts. Luke Shaw has been able to break through because he took a season to bed down AND through his own sheer dogged determination, it’s also easier for a young defender because the pressure is different.

    The club is failing the youngsters.



    He’s got a lot of potential but needs games, Going to Germany was a bad move he’d be better off going on loan to a team in the championship.



    @hatters – I agree with your assertion that the senior pro’s and LvG are not providing the right platform or encouragement for the younger attack minded players to give of their very best to the team,but where Januzaj is concerned I’m afraid the simple fact is that he is not actually that special a player anyway,not only that after just one stand out performance in his career to date against Sunderland he already think’s he is a big time Charlie and by all accounts has a particularly bad attitude (much like Depay) as well.Dortmund didn’t see fit to give him even one Bundesliga start and have kicked his arse back to OT the first opportunity they got which is not a great sign for his future prospects,simple as that.



    @blacky. Fair point. So far it doesn’t look good for Januzaj since the Moyes season. I don’t think the 11 on his back is helping to quell his ego either.

    You will probably be proven right but I think there still might be a player in there and I would be livid if he left and ended up flourishing elsewhere like Pogba or Guiseppe Rossi. I think he should be given gametime between now and the season’s end as a “last chance saloon”.

    I wouldn’t mind LvG throwing him right in against Sheffield this weekend but the team is low on confidence he will probably field his strongest side – leaving Perreira, Memphis, and Januzaj to continue rotting on the bench.



    As the Black correctly remarked Januzaj thought he was the ready made article when he was chosen in Belguim’s world cup squad after some good performances in United’s team.There was also a negative response to his addition to the world cup squad from inside the said squad for being chosen when he still was so young and untested.The manager stood by him and even played him.The lad just did not perform at all,[perhaps he was not as good as he thought after all], and he has not recovered his initial quality performances since than. So again,the ‘split’ over here is, give youth a chance albeit waiting a few years until their potential is achieved or they fall by the wayside ? Or get the ready made article to try to achieve success in the shortest time possible ? We have been in this situation for quite a few years and the Mac has correctly identified the origins with ‘live’ examples of the way the club chose to go in other topics.



    Not written Januzaj off because he’s inconsistent hatters, but because he’s a slow oaf mate. Simple as that, as blacky would say.



    I think Januzaj could become a good player but he needs to settle his scrawny arse down and work harder than normal and lose his attitude, same as Memphis ( less of the scrawny with this mush mind ). The club are totally at fault with these youngsters, shown very little direction and hardly any obvious guidance and that includes most importantly the manager. If Fergie didn’t rein in the class of ’92 and keep their heads down and focused, there would be no co92 to speak of. if these youngsters are to succeed, they need that guidance around them and no more LVG. Granted, he’s trying to blood some of the youth but he’s too quick to bomb off the flair players. It seems to me that flair, to LVG, means insubordination and if it isn’t immediately successful, you will pay the price.



    I think pogba has got a point. It’s like being on a holiday for for most of the youngsters. Players like memphis and januzaj just prove that. Memphis has been a total joke and at 21 I actually saw more excitement from nani and anderson than memphis. The youth system needs a shake up starting with the clowns who are in charge



    @united80 & fatrooney. If the Borussia Dortmund head coach is anything to go by – the twos of you are spot on.

    Apparently Januzaj was too lazy and entitled in Germany.

    Our youngsters need opportunities in the pitch but they also need to be reigned in with stricter conditions off the pitch.

    I think our high wages are also a problem.

    Shaw was able to shake off his early complacency this season – big ups to him. Martial is a father and seems way beyond his years – kudos to him, he is very professional.

    Memphis and Januzaj should look to these players if they want a future at United. Otherwise they will see themselves leapfrogged by Perreira and Lingard who visibly have more desire than them.

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