Liverpool show nasty streak against City; surprise Man Utd duo stand out

Date published: Monday 11th November 2019 2:01

Jordan Henderson proves his worth as Liverpool show their nasty streak, while two surprise names stand out for Man Utd in win over Brighton, all in our forum.


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Henderson MOTM for me. Lost that little bit of extra drive when he came off. Wijnaldum never gave anything up today. Brilliant performance besides conceding another soft goal. We’re the only side so far who’ve made them look ordinary. With that defence Chelsea are crazy enough to give them a real goalfest. 9 points clear of them was about as good as we could have hoped for and we did it in the most convincing fashion.


Well done to the boys, 3 points is everything, 3 points is all that matters, doesn’t even matter how we played.

But let’s not get carried away, it’s still too early in the season, and too many dangerous opponents are lurking.

On to the next league game which we must win to keep the ball rolling

Razor, Henderson played quite well, despite being sick, and that’s why he was taken off


“Liverpool have now faced all their big-six rivals plus Leicester while City have plenty of work left to do, having only met the Reds and Tottenham up to this point.”

It looks good songman, it looks really good…


Winji mom for me but some huge performances from other’s especially Lovren.

Massive win but no way is the league over

Sean the sailor

Fabinho MOTM for me, his goal will do him a world of confidence, what a strike,I want to see more like this from him


A fantastic result, make no mistake that’s a massive 3 points.
Not only does it put us 9 points clear of them but that’s a game gone that they themselves can take points off our lead.
As others have mentioned already that’s the top 6 rivals all played plus Leicester while City have to play Chelsea, Utd, Arsenal, Leicester all within the next month.
I think our game against Leicester on Boxing Day could be a big one for us.

Fabinho was MOTM for me although there were many very good performances.
Thought Lovren was very good. Trents passing is unreal at times. Hendos cross excellent and many more.

A long way to go but a massive step forward.


Almost got the 3-2 type game right but will gladly take 3-1.

Just goes to show how important goals from midfield are – you need that rabbit out the hat sometimes to get the ball rolling. In recent games Liverpool midfielders have scored from open play in games vs Utd, Spurs, Genk & City today.

Just hope this club World Cup doesn’t affect us now. We come back to 3 games in a week at the end of December.


Great start to the season with approx 2/3 of the season left to go we couldn’t have asked for much more. I thought Jose was spot on pre game regarding we are now a top team with a lead whereas in the past when we have had a lead the chasing team was better than us but this time feels different plus not a false lead when the other team has games in hand. We just seem to fine a way to win which is an amazing trait to have long way to go but this team with this manager it could be a special season for us.


Massive win. Its unbelievable that we already have an 8 point lead at the top. But… its only November.

A few years ago utd had an 8 point lead over city but stil lost out on the title on the last day.


One thing i really love this season compared to last season is that we have a real nastiness to us now without crossing the limits. We are ultra aggressive when we need to be. I first noticed it against burnley this season, we didnt just beat them, we smashed them all over the park and beat them into submission. I first witnessed it against barca last season. Yesterday gini, fab, gomez, trent, vvd, lovren all showing real aggression. That barca game changed us.





Pretty enjoyable game, barring the injury to McTominay (hope it’s not serious) and yet another soft joke of a goal conceded from a set piece. Brighton were very open and easy to play against and we should have scored a bag full today.
Special mention to both Fred who I though had easily his best game for the club today, and Brandon Williams who was excellent throughout.


A comfortable if forgettable performance from the lads today. Good to see us score 3 goals as well and the third was especially satisfying as we’ve usually found it hard to get going again after conceding. After that, the result was never in any doubt and we should have added a couple of goals for good measure.

Rashford and Martial are both infuriatingly inconsistent but they’re our still our biggest threat going forward, along with Daniel James – who’s been a welcome surprise this season. McTominay is also growing into his role and becoming a leader. Special mention to Brandon Williams, who looks about 12, but has a bit of that required nastiness at full-back. Our options at left back are nothing to shout about so it’s up to him to prove that he can do a job there.


Rashford missed a hatful JM. Williams was v good. Having 2 full backs both of whom can defend is something we havent had for many a year. He must start at Bramall Lane on Nov 24th.

If we throw Pogba in for Perreira, and Tuanzebe in for Lindelof, we could build some momentum in December, with sone “winnable” hone games. Beating SU in the next game us paramount and would take us to 6th at least

Will be reliant on either Leicester or Chelsea to have a series of s***shows for a top 4 chance – something that looks highly unlikely right now.


I’m afraid the inevitability of the scousers winning the title has completely overwhelmed me moral. I guess that means Citeh won’t, but it’s scant consolation. If United finish top four, great, not that I think they will, but I get no pleasure from watching these players – season as good as over for me mate.


Martial and Rashford can both get to 20 goals each this year + a couple of assists if they take their chances, it’s so frustrating seeing Rashford miss sitters almost every game



With the emergence of Williams at left back, does this sound a death knell for Luke Shaw’s place as an automatic first choice player?


The truth is that the only reason Shaw is/was our first choice LB is because he has absolutely no competition for the spot since he first joined the club.

Williams deserves to have a fair crack at the position because, unlike Shaw, he actually tries to get forward and offer something in attack.

Sympathy for the Devils

Williams has certainly done enough to earn a shot at making the left back spot his. Optimistically having two genuine full backs driving each other on will lead to both of them improving their game. Otherwise we’ll just have a really expensive back up in Shaw!


It should remove Young, Williams is young though and OGS mightn’t want to overwhelm him with a high load of competitive matches but if we used Young/Shaw in cups and EL, then kept Williams for PL games, I’d be happy enough with that approach.


I don’t think Shaw is finished as first choice LB, but the writing is certainly on the wall.

Williams played well on Sunday, and has alwys looked impressive when he played before. If he doesn’t take over shortly I would expect someone else to do so. Though I thnk Willaims can save the club some money.

When Shaw gets fit he will certainly have a fight on his hands.





Did not watch the game but it was an expected result with Emery at the helm.

I just do other things now when we play or what we call the things we do nowadays. I check the score afterwards as it does not fill me with the same amount of anger as watching it live would.

If anyone still believe this clown can manage to turn it around i will just say good for you that you are that optimistic. Me I wont watch a game until he is gone.


well that was pretty awful. I thought first half our defence looked ok. Then I realised that actually the Leicester team weren’t taking their…actually f*** it…Emery out



We play with a back four all season then for our most important game so far he switches to a back three which means we are playing against a very technical and very mobile Leicester midfield minus one player. In fact it’s more than that as Ozil offers nothing in the way of pressing to get the ball back. He benches Tierney who is so much better than Kolasinac and again no place for Pepe. In addition to being tactically inept he is unable to inspire a performance from the players. The sooner he is sacked the better.


Well don’t say you weren’t warned, I don’t you Leicester would be too good and they would outclass Arsenal and once again I was right. When will you lot realise our players aren’t that good, they’re overrated and lack commitment. Leicester were far better than we were, they have better players who all performed, every Leicester player was better than their counterpart in our couldn’t care less team. I asked you to pick a combined Leicester/Arsenal team, you were all to scared to do it. Well based on that match you wouldn’t pick a single Arsenal player. We were pathetic again, defence all over the place and kept giving the ball away, Torreira is like a little boy lost, Guendouzi kept losing the ball, Ozil totally useless, Abameyang & Lacazette both ineffective. When will people realise we have average players, complete lack of quality. Then we move onto tactics, why go back to 352 or 3412, no one knew what they were doing. Dick is now Dead Dick walking, it’s only a matter of when. We have no hope of top4, never did. One day you lot will wake up and realise we are a mid table team with mid table players.

The Oracle




A game we had to win as the next game I think is City away, we would do extremely well to get anything out of that tie. The 1 selection Frank should really think about is resting Mount he has lost it a bit in the more recent games, needs a bit of refreshing plus I suspect those knocks his been taking do take their toll. Pulisic I rate better than Hazard was at the same age. Pity Rüdiger is out yet again for a few weeks but I’m really looking forward to see RLC in the team again, he has lots of competition as well for a starting position.


Reece James owned Zaha and is an amazing talent and as you mentioned Stuilise, he is only 19 years old.

The good thing is that everybody supporting this club must be so excited at the direction it is heading right now. I’d be interested now to discuss this aspect because I can’t really think of any player that deserves to be criticised right now for their ongoing form. Sure mistakes are made but that is normal. More the general week to week form of the players individually and collectively.

All the players that have been on the end of any criticism appear to have found some form. By that I mention Azpi, Zouma, Willian, Jorginho (from last season), Kovacic, Barkley (before being injured) even Alonso (mainly from an attacking sense as the defending is a bit dodgy). Pulisic has settled in now and is scoring regularly.

The only one that has yet to really find his feet is Hudson-Odoi however that will come in time with patience and increased fitness. Hopefully he has indeed recovered properly from his injury as Frank is certainly not rushing things with him.

Chelsea 1967

It was a good job think everyone made a more than useful contribution, maybe a little more rotation is needed so players can be kept fresh and determined as some fans suggest. It is also amazing to see the electrifying skills of Pulisic, you cannot aquire that you have to he born with those kind of abilities.




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