Jose Mourinho reveals advice he gave Lampard in heated exchange

Jose Mourinho, Frank Lampard

Jose Mourinho claims he was offering Frank Lampard his widom on football management after the pair had a heated exchange on the touchline on Tuesday night.

The Tottenham boss took umbrage with his former midfielder during the first half. The spat appeared to occur after Lampard was seen backchatting to Mourinho after the Portuguese firebrand appealed for a foul.

The night ended with Tottenham claiming a 5-4 penalty shootout win. That’s after Erik Lamela’s goal had deservedly cancelled out Timo Werner’s opener for the Blues.

The result gives Mourinho a first managerial win over Lampard.

Thankfully, the pair also ended the night as friends. Afterwards, Mourinho shed some light on his run-in with Lampard and why there had been a few expletives.

“With Frank the most important thing is my feelings towards him rather than any words we exchanged,” Mourinho said. “I owe him everything he gave me. He always gave me everything he had as a player and I never forget that.

“My feelings towards him will always be feelings of how much I owe him for how much of an incredible player, friend he was.


“The only thing I was telling him, just an opinion of an old coach to a young talented coach. That is when the players need us it is when they are losing. When they are winning we don’t need to be the protagonists of the touchline. We need to be there when they are losing.

“In the last match when they were losing 3-0 I felt really sorry for him. He was sad and quiet in his chair.”


Mourinho praises ‘not normal’ Eric Dier

Mourinho, meanwhile, hailed Eric Dier as a “great example” after explaining a bizarre incident on Tuesday night.

There was an unusual moment in the second half when Mourinho chased Dier down the tunnel during the match. The 26-year-old eventually returned to the field after nature had come calling.


Dier went on to score Spurs’ first penalty, and Mourinho gave him plaudits after highlighting Tottenham’s reaction in the second half.

“What happened to Eric Dier is not normal, I have to praise him in a special way. It should be forbidden for a player to play two games in 48 hours at this level [after he played against Newcastle]. What he did is not human to do.

“He had to go [when he ran off] – he had no chance. Maybe it is a normal thing when you are completely dehydrated which is the case. I had to put pressure on him to get back but he is a great example for everybody. If the authorities don’t care about players, I care.

“On the penalties I have a negative record but I had the feeling that everything was going well.”

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